Fashion & Beauty in 2012

Posted on Jan 04 in Fashionby

As each New Year passes, we see changes in trends, styles, as well as the way we dress. Designers compete to set the fashion trends, and beauty and cosmetic companies work to inspire their products for every market. As a fellow consumer, it can often become daunting to often keep up, but its not an impossible feat.

As shifts in trends and styles occur, we can accommodate our wardrobe and accessories to last the test of time. Notice some fashion is always in (i.e., the LBD, accessories, boot cut denim, cashmere sweaters, etc.) and some fashion, well you don’t see it for more than six months, we call that ‘fast fashion.’

As we turn the page towards 2012, I want to start this year by showcasing an outfit on Polyvore that I named the Classic White Collection, inspired by one of my favorite movies starring Julia Roberts, Pretty Woman. I love that this ensemble has that classy look that you can wear for something at the office, or a formal affair. If you want to go bold, try wearing a nice red lipstick, or if your the subtle type try a shimmer gloss. Both of those options would work perfectly with this outfit!

Classic White Outfit

Happy New Year!

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