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Makeup & Hairstyles at the Academy Awards

Posted on Feb 28 in Editorial, Fashionby

This year’s Oscars had a a fanfare of great fashion all over the Red Carpet. I mean you have a beautiful dress with matching accessories, but your hair and makeup are the finishing touches that can make you look flawless. I have been putting together my compilation of favorite looks at this year’s Oscars. Let’s take a look:

Amy Adams

Her hair was intact the entire evening, with lush waves that just dazzled with her amazing ensemble. Pequil Oil seems to be the ‘it’ product for the Red Carpet this season. If you are trying to get that wavy look for yourself, then follow Amy Adam’s hairstylist Laini Reeves methods: Start with a few drops of Couture Colour Pequil Oil into your damp hair. Then follow with setting your hair in 1-1/2 rollers, allow your hair to try, and finish with brushing your waves with a soft bristle brush.

Natalie Portman

Her side-swept hairstyle, is unique, one side is quite polished, and the other side is lush and wavy. Her hairstyle actually opens up her face, and shows off her beautiful smile and those beautiful earrings to match.

Anne Hathaway

Her red-carpet up do is definitely sophisticated with a touch of modern. Anne Hathaway’s Frederic Fekkai hairstylist Adir Abergel, was personally inspired by the Edwardian era. Her hair was swept over her ears versus slicking it behind them, which gave her an elegant look. She did not look completely overdone either.

Hailee Steinfeld

Her vintage Fred Leighton headband really added that touch to her over all princess look. Hailee Steinfeld really pulled off the red carpet appearance with an age appropriate dress, in collaboration with Marchesa. Doesn’t she look like a mini Audrey Hepburn with that hairstyle?

Jennifer Lawrence

She was able to pull off a very simple and sexy look for the Red Carpet at the Academy Awards this year. She has really sexy eyes,so the neutral toned eyeshadow, with black eyeliner and mascara gave her that sultry look. If you want to go for a neutral look, then, you should try Jessica’s inspired look.

Mila Kunis

Her makeup artist Tracey Levy was inspired by this star’s Elie Saab gown at this year’s 83rd Annual Academy Awards. What I really liked about Mila Kunis’ look is that instead of her matching her eyeshadow to her dress, Tracey Levy layered both coral and bronze tones on her eyelid, which really gave her an over all complement to her dress. Levy also used kohl black eyeliner and waterproof mascara, to give her that finished look. Doesn’t Mila Kunis look gorgeous?!?!

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