Rice Mask Wash Off by SKINFOOD

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Skin Food is a Korean based company that is making its segway into the US. I found their store and stumbled upon a few samples, which was worth trying. Rice has many benefits, and a great facial mask can work wonders for your skin. Here are details about the Rice Mask Wash-Off:

It contains rice extract that moisturizes and brightens your skin. The texture of the ground rice is supposed to leave your skin bright, soft and lustrous.

How to Use

Step One:
Thoroughly wash your and rinse your face

Step Two:
Apply desired amount onto face, focusing on the nose area while avoiding eye and mouth areas

Step Three:
Leave the mask on for approximately 10 to 15 minutes

Step Four:
Wash off the mask with warm water

My Product Rating

I was curious about the product, but after trying it I would not give it my recommendation. I imagine that many of their products are great, but this one did not win me over. As much as the mask leaves your skin smooth, the overwhelming fragrance does not make up for it. I may consider using other products from this product line, but I will have to pass for the Rice Mask Wash Off by Skin Food.

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