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The Perfect Lipgloss

Posted on Sep 21 in Chic, Sassyby

I can spend a lot of time walking around and browsing through an entire makeup store. No really, just ask my sister and she will tell you how my eyes glaze over in a department store. It led me to writing this post on finding the perfect lip gloss. I sometimes have clients ask what lip gloss they can use for everyday wear or for special occasions. Of course, it is only natural that I share my thoughts with you.

On most photo shoots I usually wind up using this color in particular for blending, adding a bit of flair to the lips, or just by itself. I have found that this color works with every skin tone and is absolutely flattering on anyone. For those of you who have discovered this then you are set – otherwise ladies I suggest you make a trip to your MAC Cosmetics Counter or Pro Store to pick up Viva Glam VI Lip Gloss.

I like switching it up when it comes to lip gloss, which I sometimes prefer over lipstick on a daily basis. Although, MAC does make this specific color in a lipstick it is just not the same when it comes to the lip gloss. Believe me I am speaking from experience. ☺ If you want , you can have both for a bit more color which will not steer you wrong. But if you want to keep it simple, then just stick to the gloss. You will not be disappointed!

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