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The Working Girl Wardrobe

Posted on Sep 22 in Sassy, Working Girlby

Have you noticed that when you walk into an interview the first person to take a look at you is the receptionist? They observe your mannerisms and your every detail that makes you the potential candidate. So of course, it is no surprise that the receptionist gets asked solely what his/her impression was of you. I have had the chance to interview many candidates and sometimes I realize that they need a bit of polishing. Here are some tips for when you are interviewing or just want to keep up in Corporate America:

Perfume: I am a fan of perfume just as much as the next lady but try to keep your fragrance subtle. Remember your co-workers should not smell you coming they should be able to know your fragrance faintly. Some of my former co-workers men and women alike sometimes wore really loud fragrances and truth be told no one wants to breathe that in all the time. So be courteous and find the scent that matches you – just not one that will overpower your audience.

Clothing: It goes without saying people will size you up based on how you appear to them, and that serves true for Corporate America. I can say this because I am a former corporate girl and as much as I wanted to dress super stylish at times – I didn’t. Keep your wardrobe simple, at the end of the day they may look at you as a person but they want to see what you can do with your talent at work. The environment has changed from a very formal suit and stockings type environment to business casual. But that does not mean we want to see anyone busting out at the seams or have anyone look or do a double take when you are dressed in that snug dress or low cut top. Girls, let’s leave the busty tops for the night out and stick to something that is comfortable and professional.

Makeup: I am all for looking amazing and decked out but there is a time and place for that. If you are one that works with high level executives like my former role, then stick to neutral colors and minimal makeup. Make it a point to look as natural as possible without going overboard.

Hands & Feet: I am all for getting manicures and pedicures. In fact, if I had the chance to get a VIP card at my favorite nail spa I would be the first in line. The trend in the past for Corporate women was to keep nails French tip or the very natural taupe colors and clear nail polish. As much as I love keeping up with trends – it also depends on the nature of your job. If you are working in the very conservative corporate environment then refrain from keeping your nail color loud and nail length short. Believe it or not, people really do take notice and it is talked about. In my experience, one faux pas is all it takes.

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